Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just 'Yes'

One of two belated Mother's Day pieces I'm doing for Rage Grenade.

Just "yes"....and nothing more need be said.

Original Sketch by Rage Grenade
Colors by Phillipthe2

In other more mundane news, it would seem that my (yawn, scratch ball sack) deviantART account went over the 10k mark last night.


  1. I come back after spending a week moving to a new place and I find this. Needless to say I'm very pleased!

    It is a guarantee I'll be drawing more Peg in the future.

    And don't think I've forgotten about your pic either, lol

    1. Glad you like it...lazy and half-ass as I was. The desire to see less clothing was too overwhelming.....and landing strips.

      Like I said before, no rush.