Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Luann - Part 2

Yet again, it's the newspaper comic staple, Luann DeGroot.  I would have finished this one a week ago, but when I went looking for reference material on Paheal...  Well, it would seem that the copyright holder of Luann took offense to all of the Rule 34 use of their character and threaten to file suit.  The owner / creator of Paheal removed all of them rather than get involved in a lengthy and (more importantly) expensive legal battle.

Me, however?  Lawyers don't scare me...and they don't (generally) come after individuals.  No money in it.

Original Sketch by Rage Grenade
Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. Love the facial expression you added for Luann, the image has a bit more of exhibitionist quality now.

    As for the ass? I love a big ol' booty but still find your slimming down of Nancy's posterior acceptable.

  2. Eh, well...just big enough to set your drink on, but not quite so bulbous as to leave room for the tv dinner too.

    I was gonna add some dialogue between Dad and Mom...something about not quite what she had in mind for "family movie night"...but, ehhhh.

  3. The world needs more r34 of Luann. And a few of her friends (Crystal, Bernice, Rosa, Tiffany, Toni, and of course Nancy...)

    1. Yeah, I tend to agree with you there....and I can't really fault paheal for deleting all of it. Always, always look out for number one.