Monday, April 8, 2013


To paraphrase Phil Ken Sebben, "Ha-HAA, multiple entendre!"

Original Sketch by Rage Grenade
Colors by Phillipthe2

Also available in shitty, censored deviantART version.  It's from the episode where Francine tries to invent her own catchphrase.


  1. Fucking awesome, bro!

    I had lost that original line art long, long ago so I can only imagine how shitty the quality of the pic you worked with actually was.

    You're a trooper, for sure, lol

    1. Hence the lack of a third character....the Steve side of the equation (on the lineart I had) was just too far gone.

      I have a feeling that tri-milf one won't last very long on a few nasty-grams saying I should "tone it down a bit". How does one politely tell the masses to "go fuck yourself" anyway?

    2. It confounds me that a place known as "DEVIANT Art" really likes to shy away from... deviant art...

      I guess "Slightly-Offensive-To-Prudes Art" doesn't fit so well on their stupid logos.

    3. Well, back when it started it was exactly that...deviant. Hardly a 4Chan...or 420Chan for that matter. But like any and every site that catches on they embraced the corporate dollar...."deviant" suddenly becomes "disney".

      I I tell everyone who goes there, would you trust your money to a company whose only known physical address is a PO box in a strip mall on Hollywood Blvd? I have a free account there so, no, I sure as hell wouldn't.