Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Got a Light?

Yeah, I know, it's an old and tired cliche'...the post-sex cigarette.  Just an excuse to do another one of Shego with that Peggy Bundy hairdo.

This one is also on (deader than Christina Applegate's acting career) deviantART for those so inclined.

Original Sketch by Tooner
Colors by Phillipthe2

Aside from the green skin and that whole telekinesis thing, Shego could be Peggy Bundy's doppelganger.

...and my gawd, I just notice how huge Katey Sagal's ankles are.  :D 


  1. Could've sworn the glowing green mojo was some kinda wacky electromagnetic field. It cuts, it blasts, it melts safe doors...but never seems to do anything but stun or scratch KP. I'ma just chalk that up to subtext, which beats Standards & Practices any day.

    Oh, and Al never seemed to know how good he had it.

    [/hopeless nerd]

    I don't smoke m'self, but plenty I know wouldn't mind a trick like that. Dunno how the hell Motor Ed finagled Shego into those eye-searing duds from the episode in question, but that 'do & earrings complement her far better here.

    Solid color/shading, and I do like Tooner's eye for proportions here.

  2. I dunno...I've seen it (the glowing green) referred to as all sorts of thing. Plasma, telekinesis, spontaneous combustion, and (my personal favorite) "green bitch hottie power". The dry and boring (and straight off of Wikipedia) explanation is: "Shego used to be a superheroine alongside her brothers. All of them were hit by a mysterious multi-colored meteor when they were younger that gave them each superpowers and a special glow." *yawn*

    1. Oh, I recall that episode (and the plasma/TK/GBHP theories) well enough. Plenty of room for wild extrapolation there, especially given the radically different abilities these circus folk-to-be wound up with (kinda like a low-rent Fantastic Four...well, five with the red replicating twins). Hell, I've read one novel-length fanfic wherein that 'meteor' was actually sent by a Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and the whole Go clan wound up doing their best Heralds of Armageddon(TM) impression 'till Team Possible stepped up with their own mystic birthrights...and ye gods, do I need to get out more.

    2. Go clan as the Four (Five) Horsemen. Yeah, I can see Shego in the role as the Pale Horse rider, sans the scythe and boney complexion of course. Fanfics on the other hand (novella-length or otherwise)...don't read'em. What with real work, more work, and what could (laughably) be considered a social life I just ain't got the time.

    3. Fair enough...whatever time you do have, I'm sure it's more profitably spent than mine. Dunno whether robes are Sheeg's speed, but her bros do sync up with War (Hego), Famine (Mego, skinny twerp that he is) and Plague (ever-multiplying Mego) astoundingly well.