Sunday, December 29, 2013

Brandy Harrington

 "Ooh, I'm Gonna Get You Rabbit!", is Brandy Harrington's catchphrase.  Ehhh, sorry Brandy....not so much this time around.  Then again, on average, rabbits only go at it for about 20 to 40 seconds...wham, bam, thank you ma' it's only a momentary inconvenience for the poor, naked puppy.

Also available in a shitty, edited for deviantART version.

Original Sketch by Shon Howell
Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. Whoa, just wanted to say thanks for making me a featured artist:D It's a huge compliment. Love your work. Keep it coming

    1. Your quite welcome. I have this thing about featuring artists who (at least in my opinion and observation) don't get the notoriety / viewership they really deserve.