Friday, October 7, 2011

Peach x Bowser

A sketch I picked up several years ago after seeing a remote glimmer of coloring potential, but gradually lost all interest in it.  Hell, it took me nearly two years just to get this far with the inks....and to be quite honest (being my own worst critic and all) they weren't all that spectacular to begin with.  I can't even recall where I got it from or who drew it....and I really don't have the time nor the patience to slog through 6000+ Super Mario Bros related pics on Paheal or Booru just to find that somebody (probably) didn't tag the artist.

Over, finished, gone, done, out!

Original Sketch by Legoman
Inks by Phillipthe2

Edit 10/8/11: Someone found the artist / sketch for me, but I haven't changed my mind about coloring it.


  1. Mind if I color it then? it can be a collab ^^,

  2. The artist is called 'Legoman'. I remember saving this off Paheal. Though the one I've found is animated (and not the crappy distorting image animation, actual animation).

    Here y'go:

  3. Anon: Yep, that's the one...forgot there was an animated version too.