Monday, October 17, 2011

Rejection Notice

I have removed all of my submissions and deactivated my account on Hentai Foundry.  Likewise, if you have submitted artwork to that site that was colored, edited, inked, or otherwise molested by me I would very much appreciate if you remove it from that site.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

To all of my fans on that site, I simply apologize.  Hentai Foundry has systematically made it more and more difficult for colorist such as myself to submit artwork to their site due to increasingly stringent (and convoluted) "artist permission" requirements.  This stranglehold has resulted in far too many "rejection notices" and has not allowed me to submit anything there for several moths.

My logic is simple:  Why should I be member of an "art community" site when I cannot submit artwork to it?


  1. uh to lurk duh and to promote your website, i have 2 sites, DA and WWOEC nuff said lol

  2. LH: I don't even bother lurking on HF anymore...most of my fav artists have blogger or tumblr and they generally post more content to them anyway. WWOEC and here for me...though I do have that smattering of rule-friendly-ish stuff on DA. I've been half tempted to put the old phillipthe2 logo on there and start posting less-than-rule-friendly shit just to see how quickly I get kicked off (for a fourth or fifth time...I've lost count).