Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mission Fashion

Decisions, decisions...

Original Sketch by Jeezits
Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. Ari: Ehhh, I'm a little inclined to got with the old school style....not that anything KP-wise can really be considering "old school" quite yet.

  2. You & me both, Phil...given the plethora of past & present spy-femmes decked out in second-skin latex/Nomex/Spandex, Kim's crop-top/cargo combo stood out in a way that struck me as both utilitarian and just slightly risque (chalk that up to the midriff). Hell, now I'm pondering whether Kim's S4 wardrobe shift was the result of parental/network backlash.

    Speaking of not-quite-old-school, good on the artist for resisting the Thong Zone's black-hole pull.

    Ah, and before I totally forget: merry X-mas, and may 2012 suck just a little less...assuming the whole shebang doesn't end as prophesied by the Mayans.

  3. Anon: "No exposed midriff". Heh, I vaguely remember commenting somewhere about just that...stinks of 1950's high school dress code and what's referred to as the "10 cent plague" (wiki "comics code authority"). There's also an excellent book of the same title by David Hajdu.

    Actually, this version is somewhat edited compared to the original sketch...she was wearing wide elastic waist-ed panties (damn near granny-panties). Trimming them down was the first thing on my agenda, but giving her the "dental floss" treatment did cross my mind.

    Well, a belated Merry Christmas. Ehhh...I don't put a lot of credence in the prophesies of an all-but-extinct culture that could foresee everything....except it's own demise. I do however, love watching those end-o-the-world tv shows, especially when they show the wrong giant stone calender. Scratched seeing the Aztec Sun Stone off my "1000 things to do/see before I die" list back in '82.