Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lights Are On

Well, the great internet blackout is over, but if you think for even a second that SOPA / PIPA are dead in the water then you are sadly mistaken.  They're still there, lurking in the shadows, like thieves in the night.  Keep in mind that these pieces on legislation were put together by lobbyists from the music, movie, and television industries....not internet technologists...people who have little if any comprehension of the far-reaching implications of their actions / greed. Simply put, money is the driving force behind Congress, not the will of the people....always has been, always will be....and, irregardless of how much they bellyache about losing money to piracy,  these industry giants ain't hurting for cash.  Put the power of the people on one end of the scale...and their check book on the other.  See which one comes up short.

In case you missed it:


  1. Thanks a bunch for the reminder, Phil...I've followed this disturbing legislative one-two combo c/o Gmail updates from, and STILL missed Blackout Day(TM). Not that I had much to censor aside from a Facebook profile and a weaksauce DA page. Regardless of whether these bills sink or swim, the issue they represent isn't going away.

    1. My best guess, given the sheer amount of online revolt yesterday, is that the one that goes before the vote on the 29th will fail. However (keeping in mind that money talks) we'll see a renamed, watered-down version of it shortly there after....more than likely with a lot of riders buried in it to augment the already enacted one.