Friday, February 3, 2012

Alone Time - Part One

A little something for Doc Stormfury over on WWOEC.  Ann and Timothy Possible having some rare "alone time" while Kim's out on a mission and the Tweebs are at Grandma's.

Lighting source and shadows are all messed up....but it's midnight and I gotta be up for work in three-ish hours.  Flip me over, I'm done.

Original Sketch by Kevin Karstens
Commissioned by Doc Stormfury
Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. He's trying to get her all liquored up.

    1. Oh c'mon, these are professionals here...a doctor and a scientist...archetypical white-collar folk. He's obviously offering her a glass of Merlot to lower her inhibitions and....ok, yeah, he is trying to get her liquored up....but in a classy, non-manufactured home community sort of way. :P

    2. These two always gave off a pronounced Ward & June Cleaver vibe to me...and given the lunacy their budding-mad-scientist/action-heroine kids bring home on top of their aforementioned professions' demands, projecting that sort of mellow benevolence is no small feat. Lord knows I'd need some serious loosening up by week's end in either Dr. P's shoes.

    3. Well, that or they're on some serious prescription meds all of the time.

    4. Equally plausible. Good thing the Tweebs mostly work with rocketry & Kim doesn't really "do" mad science so much as thwart it-mixing your Happy Pills(C) with someone's ethically questionable nanomachine project could have...awkward results.