Friday, June 29, 2012

Out with the Old

My poor, tired old desktop is not long for this world.

I've been nursing this old Dell Optiplex Core 2 along for the past year or so while I gathered up enough scratch to purchase its replacement.  Yeah, I know what your Optiplex, isn't that a business machine?  Well, yes, but I'm not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination and most of my computing time is spent surfing and/or using my ancient graphical editor that was designed when Windows 3.11 was all the rage.  I have no need for some monster gaming rig....that and I'm kind of a cheap-ass when it comes to computers.

Granted, I have a lot of vintage / out-moded software that required me run Win XP Pro, but I came to the conclussion that...damn...XP is over a decade old.  It's really starting to show it's age.  I've never actually used Windows Vista, so...yeah...out with the old.

So, later today I have two daunting tasks.  Unpacking my new computer, a Dell Vostro 460 with an i5, and learning how to use Win 7 Pro 64-bit....keeping in mind that I've been running XP for the past decade.  Joy.

So, with that said and my vacation fast approaching, you're probably going to see FAR LESS posts in the coming weeks.

You've been warned.  :D

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