Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nakedness - Below the Waist

Somehow a simple discussion over contrasting clothing / uniform coloring morphed into pajamas and nakedness below the waist.  Albeit a PG-13 outcome, it was a purely natural progression.

Original Art by Isitlunchyet
Concept by Tommy Herrick V
Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. Once again I love the Shego and Kim artwork!

  2. I see Kim doesn't mind borrowing her mom's med-school scrubs for a night in. Said duds do indeed form a fine contrast with her paramour's partway disrobing. Plus, good call doing away with the Supreme One's skunk-stripe & cape; I suppose the Fashion Police were first against the wall when her campaign of future-conquest got rolling.

    1. Strange how others perceive things...I was thinking pajamas rather than scrubs, as mom didn't even enter my mind at the time. The cape and various other clothing...lost due to size constraints. Likewise, the thrown want the away due to my inability to think of a decent / contrasting color scheme...enter kp bedroom. Skunk stripe looked more like a highlight to me (in the original sketch)...coloring it white would've been too distracting as I wanted the focus to be on their faces.

    2. Offhand, the tighter focus & background change both lend this edit some vital warmth and/or intimacy. Again, a solid edit in my book.