Monday, April 29, 2013

Screwed, Brewed, and Tattooed

Another year, another Leeburg Bikefest in the books.  To be quite honest I didn't do a heck of a lot of riding this year, mostly due to mechanical issues....45 year old hardtail springers tend to do that from time to time.  Instead however, I opted for the concerts, lots of heavy binge drinking, and a new-ish tattoo.

Back in the '90s I was never really into Candlebox...a little too mainstream for my musical taste back then...but as I've gotten older my tastes have become a little broader.  Scoring a couple of VIP passes for my GF and I didn't hurt either....hence the somewhat "up close and personal" video.  In case you're wondering, no, I'm not VIP material....and definitely felt like a fish out of water rubbing elbows with the rich and/or elitest douchebags that normally populate that area.  But don't think I'm afraid to guzzle all of their complimentary booze and ravage their assorted cheese and deli trays.

I also got a decent vid of 'Miss You' for the acoustically inclined...and another song, but couldn't remember the name of it.  So, yeah, shoot me a reply if you know the name of it.

At one point I was up against the stage, but all the little bleach-blonde, twenty-somethings with paid-in-full boob jobs clamming and elbowing for prime "take me back to the band's motor home" positions up there made shooting half-decent video all but impossible.  Pretty damned good (free) concert for a bunch of 40-somethings.  Yeah...their debut album was 20 years ago.

As for the tattoo....nah, it's nothing new.  I got it back when I was twenty, but over the years all of the color faded out of Mr Ghost Rider.  It was about a decade overdue for getting re-inked.

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