Friday, June 13, 2014

1.5 Million

Once again, another big milestone....and once again I have nothing to thank but all you pervs out there.

I was working another Betty piece in preparation for the big number, but...yeah...obviously didn't get it done in time.  Instead, I'll just have to fork over a variation of Gagala's Bonnie at Club Banana pic because....well, who doesn't like semi-clad Bon-Bon pics?

Original Art by Gagala
Edits by Phillip

...and as an added bonus, a Kim-only one from the Just Say No pic.
Original Art by Flavia Scuderi
Edits by Phillipthe2
Yuh buncha pervs!


  1. Might I ask how you brought that many views? Just curious because I'd like to show my blog to more people and I'm wondering if there was a special place or advertising method you used.

    1. Nope, no special methodology. Throw somethin' out there the people like on at least a weekly basis, link (or link back) to the appropriate person / place / source, use lotsa sarcasm....and repeat for five years.

      Which reminds me...gotta do a 'thanks for the five years' thing this month.

    2. I'm thinking of something similar myself since in August it'll be my 10th year anniversary of being on DeviantArt and September will be my birthday. So I'm thinking of having a special picture made.

    3. ...which I promptly forgot about. June 29th was five years...and also the first day of a ten day vacation.

      Gotta get ones priorities straight. :D

  2. Congratulations on the 1.5 million views.

    Looks like I need to start updating my blog.

    1. Thanks man.

      In the grand scheme of things, 1.5M in five years is comes out to 825 pv per day....which ain't really that awesome.

      Then again, 79k on DA in 5 years is....down right sickening.

  3. Nice manipulations. I know this pic because I commissioned it as part of a comic :)

    congrats on the pic

    1. Ah, then you'll recognize this one as well...

      I usually try to track down the original owners / commissioners before I do this sort of thing, but....yeah....I can't recall what the road block was in this case.