Monday, August 29, 2011

Venture Bros - Season Five

Jackets are everywhere...and the album is actually called "Ladle to the Grave".


  1. ...of COURSE Samson's meathead kid would try his hand at rock, and of course the resulting music video actually boasts production values a notch above 70% of MTV's current lineup. And now I have to somehow unsee Dean Venture's sinuous fey gyrations. Still quite the season-opener hook.

  2. Anon: Wait, what...MTV plays music videos? When did that happen?
    A cut above anything aired on that particular music channel(s), but hardly a comparison to the likes of Metalocolypse. Then again a metalhead I be, so to say I'm a bit biased would be a mild understatement.

    As for said fey girations I'm surprised I haven't seen a version of it on DA's current "hot as hell jam". *light bulb over head*

  3. Ah, a fellow Klokateer. Wasn't aware your musical tastes ran in that direction, and didn't want to ASS-ume. Hard to argue with "Go Into The Water," "Hatredcopter" and "Comet Song," of course.

    And before I forget, color me interested when/if either of the Orpheus girls join Dean's little conga line.

  4. Anon: Yes, I'm a headbanger...since the days when Iron Maiden was singing about a certain satanic 3-digit number and Ozzy went solo. My GF thinks I'm a complete dork, but is it so wrong to own both Dethklok albums? Then again, her metal experience during the '80s leaned to the glam / hairspray side of the equation. No accounting for taste really.

    Ehhh...I never really gravitated towards Triana and Kim, nor the Quymn twins for that matter. Ah, but that husky, three pack a day voice just says 'yes' to me.

  5. No accounting for taste indeed-I was weaned on Blue Oyster Cult, steered further in the speed-metal direction by Rob Zombie, and got around to Maiden shamefully late in life. Then again, I WAS born in '83.

    On second thought, Triana mainly works as a foil for Dean and her gloriously bombastic dad...and is it just me, or was the Quymn episode a skosh more disturbing than usual for a Venture ep? All those horny distaff mirror-images of Our Heroes...the hulking gym-teacher/corrections-gal bodyguard...the predatory stuffed-bra lolis...the whole thing feels like some fusion of incest & masturbation. No thanks.

  6. Anon: Iron Maiden to Metallica to Anthrax/SOD/MOD seemed like a natural progression. Throw in a little early '90s industrial for good measure...and there you go. With hippy parental figures who just wouldnt let the free love era music go (and still won't), metal was the obvious rebellion / teen angst choice.

    As for the Doc Quymm episode's overtones I dunno about incest, but masturbation...oh yeah, without a doubt. All the more compounded by last season's closer where Hank (searching for a prom date, having been rejected (again) by the mail-lady) reveals the Quymm twins won't return their calls. Or maybe it was just 'his' calls...I can't remember.

  7. Yeah, not sure where I was pulling 'incest' from myself. Given that especially shrill freak-fit Dean had when the twins started stripping, I kinda doubt they'd be returning his calls either, even when/if he DID finally work out what to do with a female.

    My folks have a fairly open mind when it comes to music, though their mainstays are 'classic' rock & jazz...all told, I count myself lucky in that regard. Me, I'm not too picky about where my beats come from, although they're few & far between on mainstream radio.