Thursday, August 4, 2011


Damn...  Well, there you have it.  Thanks to all you fine folks out in cyber-wonderland...there's a half million views.  Oh gawd, I'm gettin' all misty eyed here.

So, anyway....on with the scantly clad (and less than scantly clad) toon goodness.  Not unlike all the other big-even-numbers / milestones that have come and gone I didn't really have anything planned for the occasion,'s a de-noir'd Dr Mrs for you.

Like the previous one, this too is on (throws feces in their general direction) deviantART, but (oddly enough) was denied entry by Hentai Foundry.  Gotta loves mods who are on a different sheet of music.

Original Art by Alex Spastic
Inks and Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. Congrats, and as celebratory doorprizes go, this works just fine-Madame Monarch here's certainly prettier in pink than...come to think of it...anyone from the actual film.

  2. Thanks. Oh c'Mon, Andrew Dice Clay in a pink suit and matching pillbox is.....ok, that's kinda frightening actually. I was more of a Breakfast Club fan anyway.