Monday, May 30, 2011

TV Dinner

This gelatinous mush would be the first TV dinner I've had in twenty-five or more years.  As I recall, the last one I had still came in tin foil (aluminum) packaging and was cooked in a toaster oven, a conventional oven, or the microwave...back in the day when the microwave oven was still referred to as the "radar range". Better still, the contents of said old school meals actually looked like what was pictured on their cardboard looked like shit, but at least it was accurate.  I can't quite say the same for the advertising on this "soilent green is people" concoction.

Granted, I've had various microwavable entrée (a single course of a meal) just like everyone else, just not the whole (grotesque) meal on one tray.  If this what they've been reduced to since the mid-80s, I'd hate to imagine what they'll look like in 2036.

...and no, I didn't eat it.

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