Friday, November 11, 2011

Go Team...Ebay?!?

Odds are that most everyone has heard (or been a victim of) that Chad Love-Lieberman fellow and his ill-gotten website in which he was stealing works from the likes of deviantART and FurAffinity, touting then as his own, and selling them as prints...often for hundreds of dollars per piece.  Well, it would seem that I've found my own little Chad....on Ebay.

For a whole, whopping $7.99 you too can have your very own Dr Mrs the Monarch refrigerator magnets.

Hey, wait a second!  That upper left magnet looks awfully familiar.  Oh, that's right, I drew it!

Now, the other two works depicted above are familiar to me, but for the life of me I cannot remember their respective artists names.  If anyone can help me locate them it would be very much appreciated.  I want to try and inform them of this seller...before I go kicking in any doors and/or bitching to Ebay about copyright infringement.

Edit: All of the offending listings have been removed from Ebay as of 11/12/11.


  1. The bottom one looks like CallMePo's work.

  2. Freezer: Yeah, that's what I thought to, but asked him and he said no. I went ahead and reported all of the listings and they were removed with a matter of two hours.