Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brony on Board

All but nearly forgotten are the Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs) peeing stickers on any given pickup truck and you see fewer and fewer Autobot or Decepticon emblems on someone's day-glo colored Honda Civic (with or without giant, idiotic spoiler).  Those "Shit Happens" bumper stickers?  Yeah, they died around time W's dad took office.  Nope, all of those by-gone examples were replaced by yuppies in SUVs with little stick-on caricatures of themselves, their wives / husbands, and their brood of include cat, dog, and motherfucking parakeet.

...and then there's this:

I did a bit of a double-take before snapping this pic a few days ago.  No, your eyes do not deceive you.  That is in fact a My Little Pony rump-brand ("cutie mark" in Pony-speak) on a minivan with a license plate that reads APPLJACK.  And yes, there was in fact a middle age man driving it.

Such a sad commentary, really.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh Yeah

"Oh yeah", said Jane dismissively.  Now imagine her saying it like the Coolaid Man...


Original Sketch by Rage Grenade
Colors by Phillipthe2

...or, for that matter, Ferris Bueller.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Move Along

I'm not real big on political commentary / rhetoric nor am I the biggest fan of demotivational posters, but Obama's "Move Along" inauguration speech yesterday made it far to hard to resist.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Full of Misgivings

Sort of a follow-up to the Betty three-way I did last month.  Originally I was going to turn this into a two panel comic (with the other one) with Betty saying something to the effect of "I have a confession to make..."  Just like the original (on which this is based), it just works better as a stand-alone.

Original Art by Alex Hiro
Edits and Colors by Phillipthe2

Full Brazilian

Kim in a sling bikini.  Let's hope there's a full Brazilian down there.

Original Sketch by Jeezits
Colors by Phillipthe2

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dexter's Mom

 A day or so late, but I guess I can call this a 'thank you' piece...for the 1.1 MILLION VIEWS that is.

Having done work on the Action Fuckin' Hank comic, I can't say that this is my first experience doing a piece with Dexter's Mom.  It is however, the first time I've done one of her that's a....what could you call it....a more humanized version?  Less cartoony?  Off-model?

At any rate, I found Zariguim strictly by accident...I think I was looking for reference piece of Gwen for the Loner meets Hose Beast one.  One look at his sketch gallery and....yeah....the man's got talent.

Original Sketch by Zariguim
Colors by Phillipthe2

Monday, January 7, 2013

Nothing to see here...

Nothing of note to post today....just another one from my favorite pop-art extremist, Ron English.

It managed to become the most recent fetured image on Paheal...marking the 40th anniversary of KISS this month.  For some reason it's quickly becoming one of Paheal's most hated features...probably because it isn't My Little Pony / Brony related.  Personally, I don't worship the ground that Lauren Faust walks on....and I have a full-time job.

Original Art by Ron English

In other (even less) exciting news, it would seem that I crossed over the 25k mark on (pop-art conformity) deviantART yesterday.

In Summary...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saint Lois - Part 4

A long, long over-due one I told Rage Grenade I'd color some time at the beginning of last year.  After much debating, a tad bit of sluggishness, and a whole lot of lethargy...I finally decided to go a slightly different route than the original.

Original Sketch by Rage Grenade
Colors by Phillipthe2