Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Time

As promised, a brand new annual Summer piece from Gagala.  How fitting that I should receive this while on day nine of my twelve day vacation...five of which I spent on the beach sipping on fruity umbrella drinks and cavorting with scantly clad women.  :D

Original Art by Gagala


  1. Minuscule nitpick: Mo's nipple could use a darker (or at least different) shade. G knocked it outta the park with the rest of her, however...those eyes in particular seem to scream "mid-60's Bond vixen."

    Pulchritude aside, Kim's mid-self-coital expression slays me. Not a bad choice of water texture either, and Bon-Bon is always a plus in this context. Thanks again to G for sharing, and yourself for hosting.

    1. Yeah, that was always a nitpick of mine nipples and blush response, that sorta thing. Green mouth interior and/or vaginal area....yeah, I can overlook / live without that.

      Derpy-Kim. :D