Saturday, December 29, 2012

Shego - Femlin (Extra)

 A little extra-short story from The Supreme One (aka the "Kigo Loving Lesbian").  She wrote it especially for the Femlin piece I recently did:

A rather stately woman approached the bar, her hind end catching the bartender's eye.
"Hello, ma'am, is there something I can get you" he said, keenly interested in the movements of her curvaceous body.
She looked up at him, and realized there wasn't a menu "I don't usually come to places like this, but do you have any specials today"
The bartender was rather taken aback by her lacking of knowledge on bars and bar etiquette "We don't have specials here ma'am"
To his surprise, she seemed to expect this answer. "So I see...... surprise me, then!"
With a toothy smile, he responded "I'll see what I can pull together..." he dismissed himself and got to work making her drink.

A few moments later he returned. "One vodka Sheegtini... shaken, not stirred"
During her wait she had developed a distinct craving for olive, so without even looking, she began to modify her order "May you please add some," then the drink caught her eye ,"oliv.... OH MY GOD!"
The small, green woman in that glass looked at the stately lady, and in her most proper English responded, "I already came with some, my mistress" to which she held up the toothpick with one olive on it.

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