Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brony on Board

All but nearly forgotten are the Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs) peeing stickers on any given pickup truck and you see fewer and fewer Autobot or Decepticon emblems on someone's day-glo colored Honda Civic (with or without giant, idiotic spoiler).  Those "Shit Happens" bumper stickers?  Yeah, they died around time W's dad took office.  Nope, all of those by-gone examples were replaced by yuppies in SUVs with little stick-on caricatures of themselves, their wives / husbands, and their brood of include cat, dog, and motherfucking parakeet.

...and then there's this:

I did a bit of a double-take before snapping this pic a few days ago.  No, your eyes do not deceive you.  That is in fact a My Little Pony rump-brand ("cutie mark" in Pony-speak) on a minivan with a license plate that reads APPLJACK.  And yes, there was in fact a middle age man driving it.

Such a sad commentary, really.


  1. I'll never, ever, understand the Brony thing. I've tried watching it because I thought there had to be something for all the hype... and I came back with nothing.

    Also they need to step their game up and pass through a check point in my car:

    1. I've never actually made it through an entire episode and all I got out of any given segment was that they like to make shitty little snide remarks at one another (and not much else). No message, no substance, nothing. Maybe there's the appeal...or rather, maybe they've found their niche' market...all of the trolls of the world.

      Personally, I never saw the appeal of bumper stickers. The surf board sticking out the back of a 14 year old jacked up Jeep says volumes. I certainly don't need a "Salt Life" sticker on my back window like every other "beach lifestyle" douche down here. Then again, the sticker-posse (vs the board hanging out) probably eliminates every other individual coming up and asking where they can score some decent weed.

  2. Uh ...

    If you're talking about those three stickers on the right side of the tale gate ... to me (knowing nothing about small horses) ... they look like apples.

    Perhaps ... given the guy's license plate ... he thought (regardless of what they were supposed to be) that they were apples too.


    1. Somehow I doubt very seriously that he's simply a HUGE fan of Applejacks cereal.