Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Skynet Wins

Roughly based upon a fanfic idea I had five or six years ago where Doc Drakken's super-computer becomes self-aware and takes control of...everything...including his newly invented (and highly anatomically adaptive) "Kim-Bots".  It wasn't based on any particular episode...and the Terminator schtick was a little too obvious...so the story died before it even developed into a rough draft.

Skynet wins again.

Original Art by Gagala
Edits by Phillipthe2

Then again, if any fic'ers out there would care to take a stab at it, feel free....just show me a lil' love in the credits.


  1. Drakken, you FOOL!!!
    (Then again, this would really stick in Bonnie's craw. And other areas. LOL. )

    1. Actually (in it's original incarnation), Bon-bon was the bot on the right. Just couldn't quite get the pose right, so she had to go.