Friday, February 27, 2015

Not So Fast...

Apparently Google, fearing a mass exodus from blogger to likes of tumblr, had this to say a few hours ago:

Hello everyone, 

This week, we announced a change to Blogger’s porn policy. We’ve had a ton of feedback, in particular about the introduction of a retroactive change (some people have had accounts for 10+ years), but also about the negative impact on individuals who post sexually explicit content to express their identities. So rather than implement this change, we’ve decided to step up enforcement around our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn.  

Blog owners should continue to mark any blogs containing sexually explicit content as “adult” so that they can be placed behind an “adult content” warning page.

Bloggers whose content is consistent with this and other policies do not need to make any changes to their blogs.

Thank you for your continued feedback.  

The Blogger Team

 In other words, they are going to start cracking down on the commercial porn posters rather than worrying about little R34 shippers such as myself.




  1. Well wait a minute, what do they mean by "commercial"? Will they allow you to continue to continue posting 'Kim Possible' type copyrighted parody work or will you still be forced to remove anything that isn't wholly 'original'?

    1. That's a real good question to ask.. and in fact with Kim it's an iffy proposition I feel, and here's why..

      As you know Kim Possible was a series that actually depicted both Kim's and Ron's life through Highschool (From roughly the sophomore year (when Kim was on the Junoior Varsity Cheerleader squad ) to her Senior yer (where she and Ron Graduate (during an Alien iNvasion).

      Now this makes it interesting cause if you look at the series (and put the story in Middleton (Colorado) that means any and all art of Kim and Ron "Doing the nasty" Would be considered legal (if Kim and Ron were at least 15 and were no more than 1 year inage difference.. After Kim turned 17 she could actually date and "Do the nasty " with anyone provided he wasn't over 27 years old..(so in the case of wade that would be a no-no but say doing it with a 20 something guy would be okay..

      Now usually most companies (including blogger and R34 usually want to keep stuff like Lolicon out of the picture, and in some cases I've sene people get banned on dA for actually posting up a picture tha would be considered "Questionable to the loli or Copyright issue..

      Now as for Blogger here, does this mean that art of Kim doing it with Shego is okay? Well if Shego is no more than 27, then there should be no issue.. But hang on a sec, once Kim was 18, she scould legally have sex with anyone.. (Provided it's not incestous relationships.. like her father or mother..)

      See this is why Laws are both good and bad.. they help proteect up sfrom social taboos, yet they actually can cause mass confusion..

      Now as fo rthe letter (which is what this is really all about.. Could somoene like Phillipe be possibly DCMA'ed? Possibly but not likely and here's why.. If a person creates a piece of ar that is of a copyrighted characteror just cuts and pastes an image, manipulates it to be something sexual and then puts it up (and Phillipe colors it, Well then the possibility is probably 50/50... However if it is of a character (that should fall under the laws of Copyright) is drawn and it's not the norm.. well then the chance drop further.. and thus it's probably safe to say that some of the work could be allowed through..(and thus they could hide it under the adult content label..

      (Oy, My Head hurts)

      But anywya if I see it as such, I feel that What Google is trying to do with Blogger is try and do what it couldn't do with Youtube.. (And with other sites like Viemo and Dailmotion and others out there) No wonder why they took this stance.. They don't want people to leave.. (that way they can keep an eye on all of us.. Be it viewer or poster..

      (Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get osme water and a couple of aspirin..)


    2. Commercial meaning the multi-billion-dollar industry of insert part A into slot B, not the toon versions that I do....KP or otherwise.

    3. And ther eyou have it fro the horse's mouth.. In fact Most toons that are done before 2000 are i fact not even covered by the DCMA laws.. so certain shows like Robotech, G.I Joe (The original Hasbro Series) and evne Thundercats (The original and not the 2011 remake) actually don't have those copy right protection laws..

      Furthermore.. As Phillippe pointed out, if you do a scene from the show (Part A into clot B ) then yeah it's protected.. But fan art is not.. ergo, It's safe to say that the KP and other works are safe..(even the Alice Mitchell stuff (Since th toon was before the year 2000..)

      So there you go.. Like he said.. Problem solved..


  2. I mean, that e-mail is intentionally general. They could easily be referring to the lost potential commercial revenue of 2nd/3rd party trademark/copyright owners as well as the potential revenue a blog owner can generate.

    In any case, when you start cracking the whip on illegal online content it's impossible to as much as take a breath without being DMCA'd.

    If Google starts running Blogger like they do Youtube... scary, depressing thought. Extreme censorship can often be worse than banning. Basic "live free or die" reasoning springs forth.

    1. YouTube is perhaps the best Joke that was played on Google when they took it over.. and promptly fubarred the entire thing..

      You want to see a good example of ost revenues/ Do a search for Pewdie Pie..(yes, that guy!) I mean Pewdie actually helps promote games and when Nintendo got with Google and said "Hey we don't want no one talking about our games, Google complied and immediately Nintendo got their butts handed to them.. Why? Because no one knew about the games, no one knew so no one bought.. and thus.. Revenues went down the sink..

      So Nintendo back peddled but the damage wa already done.. Wii U is perhaps the most lackluster game unit that has sold and it's only now coming up to the PS4 level of sales..

      And the irony is.. No one touched the princess peach videos.. why Caus toNintendo they're only worried about the games and not the characters.. Much like Dinsyey is worried about Gravity falls or Kim Possible then say Ron, Kim and Sheog or Mabel and Dipper..

      I say this.. They "Screwed the pooch " roaylly on this one.. and now they're doing Damage control..

      *Claps slowly.. * Way to go Google.. Way to go...


    2. The first email they sent out was just a blanket email for everyone who has a "mature content" blog. I don't make any profit from my wares, I'm fairly certain to be safe.

    3. and because of that you probably are safe Phillippe . If you were making money for say coloring art, then it would be questionable, and if it were art that was copyrighted.. well then it could be trouble..

      But in this cas eit's all fan art, and the person doing the orignial sketch gets a nice little "Do you mind if I color your work? " Memmo from phillippe.. and in my case any of the art that is up at my Da site is both by me and the actual artist (Kevin Karstens in this case) give the Go ahead when it comes to the coloring.. So in this case.. anything goes.. and with this, I say, Can someone pass me another 2 aspirin? This is giving me one major migraine.. XD


  3. Talk about backtracking! I'm guessing a lot of negative publicity. Well, at least you're ok for now and don't have to go somewhere else...

    1. Well remember with Google and any business they tend to want to keep their customer base, and I should know .. I used to be a customer service rep for two different companies..

      But it was at one company where I worked , that I learned a valuable lesson.. and this is summed up as such..

      If you give good customer service.. then the person you are helping might (and I mean might) give your company a reference to a friend.. But if you give bad customer service.. well Expect to lose 11 customers (Cause that person you gave the bad service too will tell 10 others.. and then they will tell 10 and so on and so on a and so on..)

      Now look at the situation here.. Google doesn't want a mass exodus from their blogger sites.. They want to keep themselves happy as the bloggers do help generate the revenue to keep the company afloat.. Imagine what would happen if suddenly eveyone jumped shipped and went to some place Like Tumblr.. You can imagine the CEO screaming at the middle level workers to do something.. yet because of this "Mid Level Managerment deicsion" The damage has already been done..

      I would suggest to Phillippe to Keep your options open and do check out Tumblr... they allow a lot of adult content.. and in fact the intersting thing is t you can find people with similar interests there.. (I know of one Tumblr site that has a Shego/Drakken sex theme.. and in fact this guy even made a KPBooru..

      So yeah keep those options open, and if this does go south, at least you won't have to do much work to salvage the entire work..


  4. In the end, if the (unlikely) worst should happen, there's very little one could do about it. Make all the arguments you want about intellectual property rights DCMAs, etc, etc....if Google wants to pull the plug, that's what's gonna happen. We are in fact on their property (servers).

    1. To Quote Fuzzy Lumpkins from teh Powerfuf Girls

      Get off my Propertey!

      But seriously would Google do such a thing if they knew they were going to loose business?


    2. At the other end of that depressing statement... google never held any high trust or good will toward the general consumer to begin with, but now with this hit and run gamble of theirs they've lost any trust of dependability for the blogger art community. An exodus will still come out March 23, that last e-mail was just a finger in a dyke holding back the flood.

    3. Hit and Run? More like a drive by shootig n South Los Angeles.

      Frankly is this a breech of trust with the comsumer? OF coure it is. Why? Because people didn't trust Goodle for the fact that while they have a great search engine that can find thigngs you want to put into the search bar in a fraction of a microsecond.. But the rest of the system they have? Well let's see....

      Google Glass? Good idea on paper and while it seemed good, the whoe bruhaha here startede with people being accused of leaking a movie in a theater out to the public on of all things.. You Tube..

      Yep.. You Tube.. The video source for all your one stop video watching.. which now has become sort of a "Dinosaur waiting for the asteroid to fall." I mean sure we got viral videos..of people popping zits.. or exploding a Tickle me Elmo doll.. or Tutorials on games that people try to create, but fail miserably at..

      And then there's Google News... Click on it, and guess what? Be taking to the "REAL" Source of the sstory out there.. and this includes from big things like the Islamic State execution and who is is, to trivial things like America's Got Talent, and the passing of LEonard Nimoy... (Mr. Spock, yet, he was... The most Human..)

      But do you see where this is going?

      If not then you're truly blinder than I am... Gooogle and Microsfft in a way have literally disassembled the internet.. Microfsoft and Skype.. and Gooold and all it's lackluster products that they offer..

      And who has had Good customer service from either? Anyone? Frankly I see nothing but that Mass exodus coming on the 23 of March (which is just a little over 3 weeks away), and Google tryig to say it's nothing big.. or they will not admit it to their shareholders..(Oh yeah Google you started off at an 80 Dollar a share of stock that has over the years blossomed into a 558 dollar a share night mare... for it's consumers..

      Do you think people who are reading this would want to even invest a dollar into this company? I sure wouldnt (There are otehr companies out there who have grown nicely over the same amount of time, and have actually given people goood customer service..(Just ask BioMarin Pharmaceutical).

      But the bottom line is.. the dyke ahs burst and that little Dutch boy Tryig to stick his finger i the dyke has been just killed i the onrushiong exodus that the first note Google sent out , caused..

      *Claps hands very slowly* Wowo Google I bet you were the ones who Told the Mayor in New Oreleans that Hurricane Katrina was justt a "Passing shower.', and that they had nothing to fear..

      How wrong that one was...


  5. Huh, that's kinda neat. I think I'm gonna make a secondary back-up somewhere just in case they change their mind.