Monday, January 25, 2016

Erin in the Nude

Damn, it's been a while since I posted anything on blogger.

Because the world needs more Erin Esurance in the nude.

….and of course, there's a big ‘ol giant version of this available on my Patreon.

Original Art by Unknown
Colors and Edits by Phillipthe2


  1. Yeah It's been a while..

    But then it's funny that Erin hasn't gotten more work lately and I think it's because of what you said about her being Dropped from E-surance..

    But then... that doesn't mean she can't get "Other" jobs..

    LEty's take a look at some of Erins' Options shall we?

    Sure she can't be a spokeswoman for E-surance, but she can always get at leasat three jobs I know of..

    1. She could be a centerfold much like she's doing now.. (From what I hear centerfold mod3els for playboy and even the more naughty Hustler, can earn quite a bit of cash.. (In some cases up to 5K in hard currency jsut dor doing what Erin is doing right now.. (So yeah that's one option.

    Then there's anothr job Erin could take up.. (and that is of course that of an "Exotic Dancer' (Hmmm Erin working Any pole would look nice.. (heck, you know that in some parts of the states a Girl like Erin could earn up to $1000 in tips just alone... jsut by getting out of her clothes up on stage in front of a lot of oggling fan bays of hers.

    Finally there's always the escort/call girl angle, andd you know hw this one runs.. 20 bucks here for some oral, 50 for some good action and in some cases up to 100 bucks for a sleepover.. 9of course erin could pass herself off as a call girl of higher morals.. and get paid up to 5 times as much..

    Finally, there's senior care nuring..(sounts strange right?) bu yes Erin taking care of an old geezer who still has life in him still would be paying more than uust yor ordinary run o fht eMill Secretary..
    (Plaus she could get a little fun on the side..

    Erin, you have so many options, use your body to see what's fit.. After all you don't ahve to quote, by, or print anymore.. You're an independent woman and you can do whatever you want..

    And right now.. I could always use a stripping nurse who can give me a blowjob and cuddle up with me on most cold nights..

    1. Well, she does (or did) have the regular old office worker persona, so....yeah, $40-50k a year ain't quite call-girl or stripper money, but it's honest money...and doesn't require regular check-ups for STDs. :P