Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Takes Two To Tango

What, you've never seen two female autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron dance before?  And here ya'll were, thinking that "two to tango" was gonna be a euphemism....yuh buncha pervs.  :D

On an side note: It may be a little while until I post anything of significance, what with Hurricane Irene headed this way.  Not to worry though....this ain't my first rodeo.

Original Sketch by Unknown
Inks and Colors by Phillipthe2 


  1. Well, I clearly haven't sunk completely into the TF fandom morass, 'cause I only recognize the lovely machine on the left (Arcee, right?). One does have to wonder how gender-roles work with 'Bots & 'Cons...is an assembly line involved somewhere?

    Anyhow, best of luck to you, yours & your property...man, no sooner do you get back from the beach than the Atlantic throws a curveball.

  2. Anon: Yes, that's Arcee from the '86 film. The other one is Elita One from the 1980s cartoon series (season 2) and the Purple MV Agusta F4 in Revenge of the Fallen (the pink bike was Arcee)...she's a love interest and/or sister of Optimus Prime (depending upon who you ask). I dunno...I was never a real fan of the TF universe after the original cartoon series ended in '88. Hell, I haven't even seen a complete episode of the TF: Animated.

    I just thought the original sketch was kinda interesting / cute.

    As for any meteorologic curveballs, I'm in the very center of the state so it looks like we're gonna be spared the brunt of natures fury....so say'th Jim Cantore.

  3. Good to know on the hurricane front...as for TF, my exposure to the series & its spinoffs consists of several very dimly-remembered O.G. episodes (most of which starred the Dinobots), that "Beast Wars" series from the late 90's (which also had a couple dino-motif characters), the first two Mike Bay flicks, and a recently-acquired copy of the animated movie...all told, certain lines ("Here's a hint!") have been quoted so damn often it's interesting to finally see the original context. Anyhow, I suspect I see the TF-verse much like yourself: amusing from time to time, but hardly the end-all-be-all of my personal nerdhood.

    Anyhow, cute pic indeed...I'm especially tickled by Elita's rear flaps, helmet & pneumatic shoulder-spikes. Rough & tumble gals need a little tenderness now & then.

  4. Anon: I recall being so amazed with the concept of transformers actually dying (and cursing) when the first animated movie came out. My bible-thumping grandparents (I was staying with them over summer vacation) absolutely refused to let me see in when it opened in theaters...apparently talking, Japanese-animated robots were the devil's disciples. I did however, catch it in a second-run dollar theater when I got home...and I failed to see any demonic overtones.

    Sad (and rather odd) that Transformers: The Movie was also the last speaking roles for Orson Welles and Scatman Crothers.

  5. Heh, maybe the satanic subtext would manifest if you played the oh-so-80's soundtrack backward whilst watching Unicron mindscrew Spock-err, Galvatron-with those funky kaliedoscopic rays.

    That said, from War of the Worlds to a role as a World-Eater...odd finale indeed for the venerable Mr. Wells.

  6. Partial retraction: Weird Al Yankovick IS the devil's disciple.

    ...and now to YouTube to find "Dare to be stupid". Think Devo.