Friday, September 16, 2011

More Inky Goodness

Yet another sketch by way of Bruce Timm, this time of Mary Jane Watson.  I've never been a particularly huge fan of Spider-Man or any of it's animated variants, but this little piece caught my eye....if anything, because Timm manages to make cheesecake nudes look sensual without being overly gaudy.
Original Sketch by Bruce Timm
Inks by Phillipthe2

On the other hand there's Dr Girlfriend / Dr Mrs the Monarch / Queen Etheria / Lady Au Pair.  Yeah, it may be a source of contention for some, but that sexy three-pack-a-day voice says YES to me.

Original Sketch by Roger Bacon
Inks by Phillipthe2


  1. Unconventional voice-acting definitely builds any character's...well, character. It works for the good Doctor, it works for Harley Quinn, and Lord knows I wouldn't be half the Shego-phile I am today were it not for Nicole Sullivan's snappy comebacks.

  2. Other than Dr Mrs, by far my favorite voice has to the Henry Kissinger (sp?) modeled Dr Killinger. 21's Ray Romano-ish speak on the other hand, comedic as it may be, is like Freddy Kruger claws across a chalk board as far as I'm concerned.

    Is it my imagination or does every other VB character sound like they're from north Jersey?

  3. Pretty sure you spelled Kissinger properly. And hey, didn't 21 kick the bucket sometime last season, triggering 24's Scruffy Badass Level-up? Small favors, to be sure.

    You're probably on to something with the latter bit, though now I can't get the creepy Cockney half of Dr. Mrs' Moppets outta the brainpan. Beware the wee folk.

  4. Yeah, they killed 21 off at the end of the season before last, but his ghost / 24-imagined ghost had reoccurring appearances last season.

    Heh. Little Lord Fauntleroys...with knives.