Friday, October 14, 2011

Mission Status

Failure is NOT an option....unless you're into that sort of thing.

Original Art by Gagala
Edits by Phillipthe2


  1. Depends on who's defining "failure," I suppose-if you're in (or out of) Shego's boots, this most likely beats, say, nearly getting self-destructed with the latest lair. Although she just might wanna zap Pumpkin's roided-up IPod while one hand's still free. KP, for her part, can consider this a flying-colors pass on her annual Kegel-relaxation test.

    Anyhow, another decent (in one sense) juxtaposition of pieces from a top-drawer artist, though I wouldn't mind if Shego's chesticular tips were a smidgen greener.

    ...speaking of which...damn, does that Tiny Toons feature-pic take me back. Hands down, my favorite bit from that show was Plucky Duck's spin on the Frank Miller Batman.

  2. Anon: signal bars for you. So sorry.

    Dr. Kegel would be proud. Well, that or she (in the true Gagala's hussy version of KP sense) simply has an amazingly huge...ummmm...internal cavity. As for any juxtaposing, I covered the reason in the most recent post....and yeah, I'm not real big on the oddly opposed coloration of the nips either.

    Bathgate (the Tiny Toons artist) is rather infamous these days for taking the whole Bugs Bunny in drag thing to whole new (and decidedly darker) level.

  3. By & large, I'd say the backgrounds here & on the next several mergers (especially on Page 2 of the Dr. Portenfurter Picture Show) flow nicely, and look sharp enough to boot. Spiffy job tweaking these character models' facial expressions as well.

    On yet another random note, now I'm idly wondering why Kimmie got so thoroughly birthday-suited and fist-deep into the proceedings before a'hollerin' to the hacker. "WAAAADE! If you're streaming this LIVE, your hard drive's got a date with your SPHINCTER!"

    "Relax, Princess. Nerdlinger and I have a three-feature proposition for ya with SkinemaXXXX. Plus I snitched his Little Debbie stockpile last night."

  4. Anon: Simple explaination? Ummm...they were having the typical kigo moment (minus all of the wedding bells and invetro-kids wierdness) and things just got a little outta hand (pun intended). This is just another background usage practice...and in reality the perspective is all messed up. Using the rear of the console as a reference they should actually be about one-third the size as pictured.

  5. sorry for the many comments, but i finally have a day off. she could be SCREAMING Wade cause he is black or Manudo. Also he did make Monique fall in love with him with his love gun, just saying it could be a memory of girth lol

  6. LH: No prob. Been on a bit of a posting / commenting bender myself the past few days. Took 10 days off from work starting the 23rd...and (other than X-mas related family activities) was climbing the walls by the 25th.

    All race related stereotypes aside, I'd say a little past-the-wrist action far exceeds anything Wade "Can't See My Dick" Load could ever give her.

  7. Jeremy: No, no, no...that where you take a scuba snorkel and you put your dick in the wee bendy mouth part, you sneak the other end right up your back address, 'kay? Then you just grab the middle of that snorkel and you're fucking your own ass and pulling off your crank at the self-same time.

    Oh wait, my mistake...that's a "double frogman".