Sunday, October 2, 2011

Calvin and....Rick

Just a little something I snapped on the way home from work this afternoon.  For those unfamiliar with the name, Rick Scott would be the Governor of the state of Florida.  I'm not the most politically savvy guy out there nor am I very civically engaged, but I know a one-term pony when I see one.  Approval rating-wise, Scott's hovering right around 35% with a low-water mark of 29% in July 2011, giving him the dubious distinction of being the most despised governor in the nation.  To put that into perspective our previous governor's (Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush) lowest approval ratings never dropped below 46%. 

Now, to be fair California's Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger briefly dropped to 27%  in 2009 whereas his predecessor, Gray Davis, tanked at 22% in 2003.  Further down the spectrum Illinois' Rod Blagojevich dropped to 7%, but only after his 2008 arrest on federal corruption charges...prior to that he was somewhere around 16 to 25%.

As for why little Calvin is wearing what appears to be a cop-like hat, ask any law enforcement officer in this state his or her opinion of the governor-in-chief's job performance thus far...specifically, ask any Corrections Officer.  Be prepared to hear a long string of expletives.

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