Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Dead Yet

At the beginning of March the new owners of vuku.com bowed to political correctness and deemed Gagala's artwork inappropriate for their forum hosting domain....and became yet another bland and mind numbingly boring speed bump on ye 'ol information superhighway.  Never fear though...you can still go there and visit the likes of the "Official Cher Community", "Nike Talk", and celebrity gossip boards like "JJB".  Sad really.

Shortly there after I got into an email discussion with Gag over future new home possibilities.  I threw a few ideas out there, but most of them have been previously used, gotten kicked off of, and/or gotten fed up with.  The "Secret Lair" is still up and running, but it's not exactly a social networking site / community forum....just a gallery.  As of right now there is no set time frame for or location of a future new "G-Spot". 

In the interim however, I offered to post his new works here...and he accepted the invitation.  Now, that's not to say that this blog is the new home of Gagala....far from it in fact.  This is just a means of getting his stuff out there until he can find a permanent home.  General comments for Gag and his artwork are welcome (and he'll probably read them), but DO NOT post pic / pose / commission requests for Gagala here...they'll just get deleted.

So, without further ado...something new.  This could be a follow-up to a previous swimming pool piece (the underwater perspective one)...he just wanted to make another "water fun" one using an older 3-D program.  Shego's pose looks very similar to the "dock's end" piece with Arielle, but that's purely coincidental.  Gag went on to say that there will be another annual "beach fun pic", possibly when summer begins.

 Original Artwork by Gagala


  1. Glad you're helping, but ... WOW!!!!!

  2. Excellent news & opening piece alike. I've generally enjoyed G's spin on watersports, and this one takes the cake. Color me equally grateful that Rufus isn't taking such an...er...direct hand in things this time out.

    Nitpick-wise...a little water-disturbance around the heads/arms of Shego & Bonnie would be fitting, but are we truly here to quibble over fluid physics?

    1. I dunno, I kinda like the "adventures of Rufus" aspect. As for the water, yeah, I noticed that too...a simple line to distinguish where liquid meets solid would've helped.

    2. Heh, now I'm reminded of South Park's Lemmiwinks the Gerbil King(TM). All told, I can't really blame the mole rat-when it comes to Fantastically Unmentionable Voyages(C), I'd pick Shego over Mr. Slave anytime.

    3. To point out the obvious...less likelihood of unwanted rectal insertion with Shego as well.