Thursday, March 29, 2012

Water Works

Here are couple of work files from Gagala's most recent piece.  I was going to give everyone a simplified 'tutorial' as to why some working poses begin as nudes and the whole layering process thereafter, but I just spent two and half hours in the dentist's chair having a root canal and a crown done.  I'm not the sort who gobbles down prescription meds whenever I stub my toe or hit my funny bone like everyone else these days....hell, I don't take aspirin unless I absolutely have to.  So, to say that I'm a little loopy right  now would be a mild understatement.

Original Art by Gagala


  1. I can relate when it comes to meds and a marked disinclination to gulp 'em unless abso-freakin'-lutely necessary. Best of luck shaking that buzz...and the rip-snorting dental discomfort, of course.

    As for the content, I appreciate G's penchant for posting characters both with & without the bells & whistles of a complete piece. Monique seems notably more filled-out than her prior cameos in the G-verse, which is no bad thing from my corner. Carry on, gents.

    1. I took two pills and....yeah, I can deal with the pain more than I can a complete and utter loss of all motor skills. My "I have zero tolerance for pain" GF had a conniption when I informed her that I threw the remainder of them in the trash.

    2. ...and promptly went rooting through said trash can. *rolls eyes*

    3. Somewhere, somehow, a pharmaceutical executive is visualizing that and cackling to shame Emperor Palpatine. But hey, different thresholds for different folks & all that.