Friday, May 18, 2012

TRON: Uprising - Preview

Disney's newest installment / prequel in the TRON trilogy won't be released until June 2012, but a full-length preview was "leaked" last Saturday.  It's a bit of a departure from what you'd normally expect from the house of mouse, but so was the first movie back in 1982.  I'm not the biggest anime fan on the planet (it's probably a generational thing), but I kinda dig it.  A lot of you are too young to remember them, but I actually still have the first TRON on laser disc...and Betamax. 

Other than that, c'mon've had six days and yet there is no Rule 34 out there.  You people disappoint me. :D


  1. I've been pumped for this new series and after watching this preview I can say I am now doubly so.

    Tron came out 4 years before I was born but my dad was a huge fan of it and growing up we always made it a sort of tradition to watch it a few times a year during random holidays. We wore that tape out.

    This looks like a really mature outing for the Disney XD channel. Maybe with the emergence of Thundercats/Clone Wars on Cartoon Network we're seeing a slow creep towards a more mature era of animation.

    1. Please don't tell me your Dad is the "Tron Guy". :P :D

      Disney has had a few departures from it's norm over the years, Tron(s) being one of the more obvious, but it's still Disney....their target audience has always been children 12 and under. Then again, old Uncle Walt wasn't know for breaking the mold, but he did a couple of animated shorts like 1946's "Destino", a colab with the King of Strange Salvador Dali:

      I this close to the house of mouse (and knowing quite a few of their employees) i have heard a few rumblings about them kicking around the idea of starting something like Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Personally, I don't think it'll work....Disney goes Metalocalypse? I think not.