Sunday, October 7, 2012

All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween from the G-man!

Monique: "No more candy, but they want more. What do we do?"
Kim: "I got an idea.  They want sweets? They'll get'em!"

Original Art by Gagala

Looks familiar doesn't it?  Yeah, this would be Gagala's take on the KP Halloween episode:


  1. DARQ: Or, how I wish the episode should have!

    1. Actually, there's a group on DA that's trying to do an animated adult continuation of independent season 5. Adult as in "adult humor and situations"....rather than in he Paheal sense.

    2. ¿A group on DA? Sorry, I don' t know what "DA" means. Could you tell something more about this proyect? There is a website or something? Thaks in advance.

    3. DA = deviantART. They are at but the website isn't functional yet, but there are links for them on twitter, facebook, etc. The head of the project lives here:

  2. Thanks for the answer.