Thursday, September 18, 2014

Google Yourself

Ever wonder what happened to Erin Esurance?  Well, quite literally....Rule 34 happened.  It would seem that in mid-2010 Esurance began to survey the market and discovered that she was becoming somewhat unpopular with the 18 to 34 crowd.  Not quite on the same level as Microsoft's "Clippy", but pretty damned close.  Additionally, the company took notice of the fact that just about every Google search yielded some type of porn version of her.  Most companies look the other way when their mascot becomes Rule34'd, some even embrace it, because they know full-well that it actually serves as a hush-hush form of advertisement.  Esurance however, outright killed her off and gave us vanilla flavored "techies and feelies" instead.

Original Art by JKR Comics
Edits by Phillipthe2


  1. I tend to agree with your observations here, and I'd like to add some extra fuel to the fire.. Take a look at the Walt Disney company.. Do they have any of their characters killed off/ They do not.. IN fact two of the most notable Disney Characters that are the most human and yet have not yet gone away some 7 years after their show ended, are none other than Kim Possible and Shego.. (Like you pointed out, some companies do embrace their characters in the form of hush hush advertising.. and evn though the show has ended, the girls still exist today.. still doing the same thing with Rule 34 invovled..

    So see, what goes around does come around.. Too Bad Erin never got a second chance.. That's why I'm switching my car insurance to State Farm...


    1. Ah, but some character they (the house of mouse) do indeed wish were dead...or, at least in the present climate, never created in the first place.

      Hardly the stuff of R34, but 1946's "Song of the South" comes to mind.

    2. Ah Good ol Song of the south, and all that other stuff we always hear about.. Like the 11 banned Warner Cartoons, or the Tex Avery Scandals, or eeven Fritz the Cat..

      But hey at least Erin knows what Rule 34 is.. and I bet now she doesn't mind the fact that she's one of the more enjoyable spokepersons who got fired for posing nude..

      (And let's not start with Flo From Progressive.. ) She's not too much of a person who can be rule 34'd..

    3. Oh no, flo in the right artists hands is prime r34 material. Hell, I've colored at least three or four of'em. Floating around here somewhere.