Monday, July 11, 2011

Rest In Pieces

A little fun with Rule34.paheal's expense.

The most recent update on their blog said it'll be up and running 48 hour from now, but.....I ain't holdin' my breath.

Edit: It's up and running....kinda.


  1. Honestly, if he did not return, I would not be sad...There are many nasty people on this site ...
    They put my art without permission. I Already complained to the moderators, but nothing was done.
    There are good people, of course, but are smaller.
    I don't want that he ends, not gain anything by it, but would not be sad.
    Sorry my English, dude.

  2. HD2: S'ok...I understand what you mean. It would appear that no sooner had I posted this that the site came up...with limited functionality of course. Yeah, mine get posted there (and on all the time too. It's no big deal to me except when someone edits my work without my permission and then posts it...that gets me PISSED OFF!

    Actually, if you want pics removed you can login to paheal and add the tags "deleteme" and "Artist_Request" to the pic(s). It usually takes a couple of days for the offending pic to be removed. Simply making a comment on the pic won't do any good and the mods are a 'little slow' to respond to messages / email.

  3. They sending my works without permission it is not the problem, because they leave the logos, they don't change anything in the image and make a spreading of my work ...But, do not put my comment is worse. I explain something about the work I did that people understand what it is that design,as has been done and What it means, but, without comments, the people criticize wrong,because they did not understand.
    But it is quiet.
    Sorry my poor english again.

  4. HD2: Critics on paheal, heh! 'Critical analysis' implies that they have some knowledge of the art form and/or the artist. When it comes to paheal you might as well replace the word 'critic' with 'troll''s just a bunch of 12 to 20 year old kids with no artistic talent and only a vague sense artistic appreciation.

    Personally, I don't even bother to read the comments on there. I may scroll through them to see if there is a name I recognize...someone who may have something intelligent to say...but otherwise, comments like "fapfapfap" and "sauce plz" get really old really quick.

  5. That's why I go to Rule 34 booru No bad gateways, little to no comments, and it pretty much has everything paheal has but better. It's just those goddamn furries and scat (amongst other things) drawings I can't stand.

  6. DH: Yeah, I'm beginning to shy away from paheal for the simple fact that it's slower than molasses running down hill in the middle of winter....and that's on a good day. You'd think this little hiatus gave them time to sort out their connection issues as well, but you'd be wrong. Booru = furry paradise, that's for certain. I don't mind the occasional one, but damn! They really ought to open another booru, but strictly for fur-bearing it "the litterbox". :D

    Oh, before I forget...Happy (belated) Birthday!