Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shego x Drakken

Nothin' really to say about this one...just bullshittin' around.

Original Art by Drawn-Hentai
Edits by Phillipthe2


  1. LOL, i love the look on Shego's face!

  2. Kinda looks like Snarling Blueberry Boy opted for the out door...why do I see a Flaming Reacharound(TM) in his very immediate future?

    Honestly, Shego & Dr. D make a better comedy duo than, well, duo-duo in my book, and that's without factoring in the mind-scrambling/control B.S. & other sundry aggravations that playing the competent half of a Disney villain-team tends to invite. If not for kid-toon repetition, I get the impression Mean Green would've handed in her two weeks' notice (and enough pain to lay the Doc up for two months) after the first four or five debacles.

    ...anyhoo, between the shading & gloss, I've certainly seen bullshittier. Yeah, I know that's not a word.

    Interesting new sidebar pic, by the way...Tank Girl?

  3. LH: Yeah, that's pretty much what attracted me to this one...that and the "what's kp hiding" factor.

    Anon: Other than the obvious attraction to the original pic, I remembered that emotion chip episode from the third season where doc is working on the device and shego keeps pestering him. This would be the (imagined) "Ok, fine, you wanna get cuddly...LET'S CUDDLE WOMAN!" moment that follows after doc finally loses his patience. Can't really say much for the shadowing and whatnot...wasn't really trying to put any effort into it to begin with. As for the sidebar pic, yeah, that's Tank Girl by Chris Bones (mister-bones on DA). Excellent artist, but he seems to have fallen off the proverbial map the past few years.

  4. Mindscrew gadgets: fun for the whole villainous family!

    Anyhoo, pointless little ship-editorials aside, your tweaks are a step up in my book, and trimming down the original pic's RANDOM CHARACTER ORGY LULZ(TM) factor was also a wise move...granted, the KP-verse contains enough wacky plot-devices to make such events fairly plausible, but still.

    I'll have to look up more of Bones' works...among other things, that's easily the most hardcore comic-roo I've ever seen.

  5. Anon: Yep, random character orgy at the taco shop seemed....rather random.

    That's pretty much the only Tank Girl related pic I've seen from him. Last I heard Chirs Bones was (circa '08 or '09) trying to do a Fight Club graphic novel, but ran into too many legal hurdles, stopped working on it, and was letting his publisher slog through all the legal mumbo jumbo before the book progressed. There's a couple of good ones on DA titled "Bob has bitch tits" and "Saint Bob". Otherwise (falling off map related), his most recent work on there is from March '11...then August '10.

  6. Between the Bob tributes and his snazzy portfolio of classic horror, Bones was providing what I call vital services to the web...I can only wish him luck with whatever RL may be throwing his way

  7. I'm particularly amused by Shego's expression here, as if she's just realised that she unexpectedly bit off more than she can chew, so to speak.

  8. Anon: I dunno. The last time I saw a woman with that expression, she had mistakenly put Preparation-H on her toothbrush. It's that quizzical moment just before she turned the bathroom mirror into something resembling a Jackson Pollock painting.