Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's My Motivation Here?

Occassionally (rarely) I come to a juncture where I have to ask myself, "What's my motivation here?"  Yeah, I know....that's a little cliche, but sometimes even I lose all interest in a pic.  Normally they simply sit dormant in my "wanna color" desktop folder until I can unearth some motivation and complete them, but this one's been sitting in said folder decomposing for roughly two years now.  It's "fresh before" date has long since expired.

Look familiar?  Yeah, it should...usually you'll see a variant (edited) version with Shego and an "extra long" Ron.

Original Sketch by The Shady
Inks and Colors by Phillipthe2

On that note, here's a copy of the semi-finished inks.  They're a little rough, but maybe somebody can put it to good use:


  1. every guys possible dream mother/daughter tag-team threesome red heads to boot, uh motivation, isn't that enough lol

  2. LH: Eh, I dunno, I get bored easily with ones that are (too) close to the original style....irregardless of content or context.

  3. I know my motivation for art is to be better then I was before. I guess I would someday create a masterpiece like "the David" or the "Mona Lisa". Thus securing my place in history and inspiring future generation of artist, but the journey to that goal is most of the fun.

  4. LH: My goals aren't nearly as lofty. I do this strictly for fun....anything beyond that it it'll start feeling like work.

    ...and then I'll (eventually) detest it.

  5. I hear ya, I won't be a professional artist anytime soon due to the fact I don't see myself enjoying drawing as a job

  6. ...and then there's that whole going insane, cutting one's own ear off, and then dying of a self-inflicted gunshot wound thing that really makes the idea of becoming a professional artist rather unappealing. :P :D