Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lisa Simpson

Loathing....that would be my general mindset upon seeing any work that was never meant to be turned into an animated gif.  Hell, on the rare occasion even my own stuff gets turned into utter trash by some gif-ster.  Such is the case when I found this one on Rule 34 and thought to myself, "Self, you oughta redo this one, but without that idiotic animated bullshit."  I've never really had a thing for any of the Simpsons characters...well, with exception of Linda Evangelista.

As near as I can tell, the original animated version is a combination of two pictures...Lisa Simpson's head stuck onto another body, which I assume is Marge Simpson.  Decent premise on the part of the "animator"...piss poor execution.  Unfortunately, I have no earthy idea who the original artist(s) is.

Original Art by Tram Pararam
Re-Ink, Re-Color and De-Animation by Phillipthe2

Edited 3/2/12: Credited original artist.

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