Friday, May 27, 2011

Revenge is Sweet

A little motivation after re-reading Sun Tzu's the Art of War several years ago.  I, for reasons I can't recall, felt the need to tone down Aeolus' original version of this a bit.

Original Sketch by Aeolus
Inks and Colors by Phillipthe2


  1. Fantastic work!
    I loved the pose and expression.

  2. her hips would have broken before the concrete would, i also never did get into the series Avatar, but i get the premise of the series

  3. LH: To be quite honest, I've never actually watched an episode of Avatar....never seen the movie (airbender) either.

    HD2: I think it was the expression on her face that attracted me to this one.

  4. She deserves that.

  5. Personally, I'd like to see you do one between Aang and Katara, since it seems that that's the one everyone has done, and I'd like to see your take on it.

  6. Anon: You'd have to take up any Aang-Katara high jinx with Aeolus (the original artist)...I merely colored it.